Daily Goals

Mood Sentry's Daily Goals tool has text fields to record things to accomplish, learn, do for pleasure, and more.I have found that setting some daily goals can help battle feelings of lethargy and thoughts of not being able to get anything done.  This simple page has 5 categories for which I can specify at least one goal.  They are…
Accomplish – This list has room for 3 things to accomplish.  3 is kind of light, but fits nicely on the phone.
Pleasure – Setting time aside to do something for pleasure is a good thing to do.
Learn – Identifying something to learn is a good thing.
Improve – Identifying something to get better at is a good thing.
Communicate – Identifying something to communicate is a good thing.


Navigate to this page on your mobile device.
This is  a scrolling view, so you may need to scroll to the item of interest.

To Edit:

Either press your phone’s menu button and select edit, or double tap any outlined text box.You can now edit any item to your heart’s desire.
When done, either press your phone’s menu button and select Save, or tap the Save icon at the bottom  of the screen.

Note: once you go into edit mode, you’ll be in edit mode until you leave this page.


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