Mood Sentry

Mood Sentry is a mobile app that represents the porting of multiple computer based tools I use to manage my depression to a mobile platform.  I believe that other people in therapy for a mood disorder such as depression, like me, may find this tool helpful.

Mood Sentry is available for both Android and iPhone.  Note that we recently discontinued the free version (with Ads) and made the regular version (no ads) free.
The Paid Android version is available on Google Play.
The Paid iPhone version is available on iTunes.

Mood Sentry's home page offers navigation options to References, My Experiences, Reminders, Journaling Tools, and Thriving ToolsThis screenshot shows the Mood Sentry home page.  You can see 5 options on the home page: References, My Experiences, Daily Reminders, Journaling Tools and Thriving Tools.  The tabs above this web page relate to each of those options and offer greater detail on each.  Suffice to say that References has some references of interest, My Experiences enables me to capture and record my own experiences, Daily Reminders enables me to set some pop-up reminders to help me manage my mood, and both Tool sets offers multiple tools for mood management.  Check out each in more detail by clicking on associated the tab above.  This is a scrolling list, so you may need to scroll to the item of interest.

Hint: check out the “hints” in the option menu for some on-device information.

One more note.  You’ll notice a Contact tab above.  That is our support page and is the place to go with comments, questions, and problems related to Mood Sentry.


Launch the app.
Tap the item of interest.

A new activity window will appear and you’ll be on your way.