Mood Sentry's Reminders page has a drop down to select a reminder, a on off toggle button, a window to set the time of the reminder, and an editable text field that contains the reminder text.I use the Daily Reminders page to set a pop-up reminder to take some type of action to better manage my mood.  I use the morning reminder to look forward in my day and consider what challenges might come up.  I use the mid-day reminder to check my mood, and the evening reminder to reflect back on my day.  The Examples are mine and are nothing more than suggestions.  I found that Setting some daily reminders has helped me to be better prepared to handle destructive thoughts when/if they manifest.  Because these reminders are intrusive, I set the default value to off.


Navigate to this page on your mobile device.
Tap the drop down menu at the top of the page.
Scroll to the item of interest and tap it.

To turn the reminder on or off:

If the on/off box shows “Off”, tap it so that it shows “On”.
If the on/off box shows “On”, tap it so that it shows “Off”.

To set the Launch Time:

Tap the box with the Launch Time.
Adjust the time in the “Time Picker” to the time you would like the reminder to pop-up.
Select “Set” for the “Time Picker”.

To customize:

Either tap the “customize” button, or double tap in the text area.
Edit the text as desired.
When done…
to save either tap the “save” icon at the bottom of the page, or press the phone’s menu button and select “save” item.
to reject the change, either press the phone’s return button or press the phone’s menu button and select the “back” item.
Hint: check out other options available from the menu button.