Thriving Tools

Thriving Tools PageI created multiple tools to manage my mood.  This site has a page for each, accessible from the drop down list below the “Tools” tab above.  I use all these tools, though tend to use the Daily Goals, Event Record, and Observation tools the most.  Here’s a brief overview of each…
Daily Goals – A page to set some daily goals and objectives is provided.  This has helped motivate me and/or help defeat feelings of not getting anything done.
Event Prep – I use this page to record events and thoughts associated with those events for future reflection.
Ideal Self – I use this page to record who/how he wants to be to put the focus on the positive, what he want to be, as opposed to the negative, what he doesn’t want to be.

Long Term Goals – This is a new tool, I just started using to track a long term goal of mine.
Near Term Goals -This is another new tool that I’m using to keep track of various near term goals.

Prioritization – two schemes are provided to help prioritize activities, one for work and one for home.  This has helped me reduce feelings of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Task Timer – I use Task Timer to keep track of how long frequently performed tasks actually take, which helps as a reference during stressful times.


Navigate to this page on your mobile device.
This is a scrolling list, so you may need to scroll to the item of interest.
Tap the item of interest.

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