My Experiences

Mood Sentry's My Experiences page has a drop down to select a cognitive distortion and two editable text fields, one for the manifestation of the distortion and one of mitigation ideas.I use the My Experiences page to tailor the definition of each cognitive distortion to my own situation and experience.  The purpose is to create a quick reference of how each distortion typically manifests during my day as well as potential mitigation strategies.  I found that reviewing this daily helps me to be better prepared to handle these thoughts when/if they manifest.  The Examples are mine and are provided as examples only.  Each can be easily customized to reflect the user’s experiences.


Navigate to this page on your mobile device.
Tap the drop down menu at the top of the page.
Scroll to the item of interest and tap it.
Review how the item can manifest during your day and potential mitigation techniques.

To customize:

Either tap the “customize” button, or double tap in the text area.
Edit the text as desired.
When done…
to save either tap the “save” icon at the bottom of the page, or press the phone’s menu button and select “save” item.
to reject the change, either press the phone’s return button or press the phone’s menu button and select the “back” item.
Hint: check out other options available from the menu button.